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  • Anna Welscott

Getting ready to leave Ensenada and sail south to Cabo!

We have been in Ensenada, Mexico for just over a month and have enjoyed our time here, taking the time to explore the town and settle in. Doug tackled some boat projects while I worked remotely.

When setting our intentions to travel by sailboat, we decided that if weather isn't pushing us to continue on to a safer destination, we will stay at a location until we feel that we have experienced the area. Although we feel there is a ton more to do here in Ensenada, we have decided it's time that we continue heading south. We are just getting the swing of life here with grocery shopping, laundry, water filling, etc., however as our marina neighbor has told us, "don't get complacent". So, with that, we have started to look for a good weather window. Below is a collection of photos from our time here in Ensenada.

Cabo San Lucas is about 700 nautical miles south of Ensenada. Since it will be just Doug and I doing this passage, we are keeping our options open as to where we might stop as we plan our trip. We will take turns being on watch, 24 hours a day. How much sleep we get will dictate where and when we stop. If we were to go non-stop, it would take us around 6 days. We have some points planned out that would split the trip up if we need to get some sleep or if we need to seek shelter due to weather. Once we get to Cabo, we will turn left and head into the Sea of Cortez, with La Paz being our home port for a few months.

As it looks right now, we plan to leave on Wednesday, February 10th. There actually seems to be some good wind filling in and the sea state is looking calm. We are finishing up a list of things to do and I have started provisioning. I have a meal plan set and we will fill plenty of water. We do have a water maker on board, so if we run out, we can desalinate sea water.

We will have a tracking link through Predict Wind if you would like to check in. We will also be able to include some communication on how our passage is going:

We are looking forward to getting some sailing in, warmer weather, and arriving to our next destination!


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