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  • Anna Welscott

Leaving Mexico After Two Years

After spending hurricane season in Chiapas, we were looking forward to continuing on. We had spent two years in Mexico, sailing 4500 miles of coastline.

We spent 6 months in Chiapas and although life in a marina can get monotonous at times, we made the best of it by hauling out and repairing some blisters on the hull and painted the bottom of Karuna. We also did numerous smaller boat projects, which included redoing some deck seams and rebedding 15 porthole windows.

We spent plenty of time grilling at the pool with the other cruisers and also became great friends with one of the security guards, Enrique. We would go to football matches with Enrique and his family, and went on countless dinghy adventures, made plenty of ceviche, roasted coffee, experienced the local food, practiced our Spanish for countless hours, taught Enrique's 10 year old son how to drive our dinghy, and even helped Enrique get his passport in hopes of opening up some work opportunities for him in the future. It was a tough goodbye but we are certain we will see Enrique in the future.

As hurricane season came to an end and we finished up some projects, we picked a date to head to El Salvador, and we focused on packing and provisioning. Our sail to El Salvador was pleasant. It was the first time using Starlink, which is a portable internet and data service created by Elon Musk. It was great having access to real-time weather while at sea. Doug was tracking a storm on the NOAA website, which was not predicted elsewhere, and thanks to Starlink we were able to reef the sails and prepare for the storm before it hit.

Next up we arrive in El Salvador and successfully cross the iconic sand bar.

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Barbara Baumann
Barbara Baumann
Feb 27, 2023

happy travels, amigos...guess we won't be seeing you back in la paz any time soon....enjoy the adventure....big hugs + mucho ❤️

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