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  • Anna Welscott

Mammograms in Mexico

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Don't worry this blog is not graphic, it just outlines how easy and inexpensive my experience was here in Mexico. I started writing a blog to document our lives as we travel, so that includes some of the not so exciting things in mammograms.

Here in San Carlos the local Imaging Lab offers 2 for 1 mammograms during the month of October to help incentivize people to go get checked!! What a smart idea! I know the importance of getting checked, as I have seen my mother-in-law and numerous friends be diagnosed with breast cancer at different stages and different ages in life. The one thing we all have learned is early detection is important.

Before coming to Mexico and after a lot of research, we decided to self-insure while traveling here, because medical treatment is reasonably priced. So far, we have been very fortunate in not needing medical or dental treatments while we have been here, but for those that have, they have been happy with both cost and outcome of procedures done here in Mexico.

After talking with my boat neighbor on One True Love, we decided we would call and get our 2 for 1 appointments set up. I was curious what the cost was going to be as the national average in the United States for a mammogram, without insurance, is $400 USD. I was pleasantly surprised that the price here is $33.75 USD per person or $700 MXN!! What a great deal! We got our appointments scheduled right away.

A couple days later I was chatting with some friends on other sailboats and told them about the great deal the lab was offering. They both were interested, and we were able to get them scheduled the same day as us. It was turning into a mammogram party!

We are fortunate as Kathy on One True Love has a vehicle here, so on the day of our appointments she loaded us up and we headed to the lab. The lab is near by, clean, and the staff is bilingual in Spanish and English. Check-in and paperwork were easy and we were notified of our results within a few days.

The whole process was great and you can't beat the price. Even when they are not having the 2 for 1 promotion, a $67.50 USD mammogram is a good deal if you ask me! There really isn't a good excuse for not getting checked.

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Oct 14, 2021

Love this so much!

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