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  • Anna Welscott

Officially entering the Sea of Cortez: Cabo to La Paz

After enjoying a few days in San Jose Cabo, it was time for us to sail into the Sea of Cortez towards La Paz.

It took us just over 24 hours to get to La Paz. This was a quick trip compared to our last couple of passages. There are multiple anchorages along the way to La Paz, however we decided to do it all in one straight shot.

To get to La Paz, you have to travel north into the Sea of Cortez, this presents a slight challenge at times depending on wind and wave direction. We had the "pleasure" of "bashing" into the swell for the first 6 hours of the trip. Most of the time we have had the swell behind us or on the side, but heading straight into the swell creates a bit of a rodeo affect. Yeehaw!! Because of the direction of waves and wind, we had to motor sail the entire way to La Paz. Along the way we had numerous whale sightings which included some close breaching encounters.

After the first 6 hours, the sea state settled and we had calmer conditions. En route to La Paz we had to go through two channels. We have heard and read that the current can become very strong and dangerous in these channels along with shallow reefs, as the sea funnels through them, making the timing extremely important. We arrived to the Cerralvo Channel as it became light and were able to successfully navigate it as we had only a light current against us.

While continuing on to La Paz we made a stop at Playa Balandra. This was our first real taste of what we have to look forward to with being able to anchor at a white sand beach with crystal clear water. The water is currently around 70 degrees and will rise to about 85 degrees in the coming months. We plan on spending more time here in the very near future.

La Paz, which means "The Peace", is the capital city of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. We will call La Paz "home" for the next few months before we continue heading further North in to the Sea of Cortez. We are really enjoying La Paz thus far; it's safe, clean, and beautiful!


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