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  • Anna Welscott

Ringing in the New Year with friends, a bike ride, and a brewery!

We were very fortunate to spend New Years in Loreto with great friends! Jason and Lucinda were our dock neighbors back in San Diego and we have been trying to meet up with them for the past few months. Back in November, we were in Loreto and they were in La Paz and then in December, we were in La Paz and they were in Loreto.

They invited us to celebrate New Years at their beautiful villa; and after a bit of patience, luck, and fairy dust we made it happen! We were completely spoiled to be on land for a day and a half with them! We ate very well and laughed until we cried! During the past few weeks, we have been missing our family and friends, so it was wonderful to start 2022 with Jason and Lucinda.

One of our goals for the New Year is to incorporate mountain biking when we can. We decided to continue our land adventure and go to Todos Santos, which is an hour drive from La Paz, and is known for its mountain biking.

Come to find out, there is a Colorado State University satellite campus in Todos Santos, which is the University’s first international hub for community outreach, multidisciplinary education, and collaboration. Perhaps when we are ready for land life again, I'll need to see if there are any job opportunities at this location!

Todos Santos offers a lot: mountain biking, a quaint town, ocean views, and a brewery! As one would expect, Mexico does not lack in the tequila and mezcal options, however it does fall a bit short in the micro beer selection. After our ride, it was great to enjoy some real beer!

Next we headed back to Karuna, said "see ya later" to our friends on SV Faith (who crossed to mainland), and now we are waiting for our last few deliveries before we cross and head south!

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